Thank you 愛群 for making our dreams come true



I am Sarah a Singaporean (42 years old) and my darling husband Jeff an American (39 years old), we currently live in Beijing.  We were both tested healthy with no fertility issues but after trying for over a year with no success, we decided to embark on the IVF journey.

Our first IVF attempt was done in Beijing and we were pregnant but sadly miscarried at 9.5 weeks.  It was devastating and we decided we will try again with a reputable reproductive endocrinologist (RE).  After months of extensive  research on what was available in Singapore, U.S.A. and Taiwan, we decided on Taipei 爱群 with Doctor Weng.

Our experiences with 爱群 and with Doctor Weng as well as all his staff at the clinic were amazing!  They exceeded our expectations in so many ways.  Their sincerity and patient care is of world class level.  During our numerous visits, we were treated with great care - IVF medication and all those injections can be frightening but at each visit the nurses would take time and patience to explain everything necessary to my husband and myself.  

Doctor Weng also recommended PGS (pre-implantation genetic screening) for our embryos which help increase our odds of pregnancy.

We were very happy to be pregnant on the very first try with Doctor Weng and I was able to bring this pregnancy to full term!

My little monkey boy was born on the third day of Chinese New Year weighing 3.3kg.

When I look at my dearest baby boy JJ(it stands for Jared Jonathan) everyday, I am reminded on how lucky we have been and how blessed it was for us to have found 爱群!

Thank you 爱群 for making our dreams come true.  My husband and I will be back for our number two soon!!!








當我每天看到我最親愛的寶寶JJ(Jared Jonathan),都讓我想起我們是多麼幸福找到了愛群幫我們實現夢想!